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Sunday, September 28th, 2008
5:43 pm
Monday, July 7th, 2008
5:37 pm
Much wool for sale here:
shorties & longies!
Wednesday, June 25th, 2008
7:16 pm
Monday, February 25th, 2008
8:28 am
Peace Fleece
As y'all know, I have a peace fleece co-op running!

Here's the original post, where you can order:

Peace Fleece is:
30% Mohair 70% Russian Wool worsted
One Skein = appx 4 ounces, 200 yards
Peace fleece is good for grown-up and baby knits. It felts well if you put elbow-grease into it. If you order my colourways, the yarn will soften up a lot more when I dye it as well.

If anyone wants to get in on the low prices, please let me know.

I originally said "pay by sunday night" but If you can get your payment and yarn choice to me by 11am PST TOday, Monday the 25th, I will include your yarn!

With their shipping to me AND my shipping to you prices are:

Worsted Weight: $6.50/skein (instead of $7.50+shipping)
Sport Weight: $7.50/skein (instead of $8.50+shipping)

You can also place an order with me for PF hand-dyed in any of my colourways.
Peace Fleece dyed by me costs (again, including shipping):
One to Ten skeins = $11
Ten and up = $10 each

As always pp is maialaia @ yahoo.com

Please go to the original post and follow the instructions.

Pictures of THEIR colourways:

Pictures of MY colourways:
Any weight:
(MELEE & MIZZY are currently not available. Colours may vary slightly due to different yarn content.)
Thursday, December 6th, 2007
8:30 am
x-posted to yarny_bits
Since I'm leavin' on vacation I have time for TWO, count 'em TWO "surprize yarn" slots.

What does "surprize yarn" mean? I pick the yarn - it's a secret until I post a picture - PLUS $5 off all prices! AND Have your knits before the new year!

Longies $45
Shorts $35
Soakers $30
Sweaters $45-60 (depending on style)
Baby Hats $10-15
Sleep-Sack $65-80

ADULT Hats, assorted styles: $18-30.

Earflaps on any hat - $3 extra

Newborn clothes are $3 LESS because they are itsy and wee. BIG kids (ie: larger toddlers) may cost more if I have to use a 3rd skein of yarn. Most kids take two or less.

Also, let me know:
1. The measurements needed

2. If you would like your item lanolized or if you prefer to do that yourself.

3. On longies/shorts: if you would like purly cuffs, ribby cuffs, seed-stitch cuffs or footy (enclosed) toes AND whether you want a drawstring waist or a longer ribbed waist.

4. Yarn: Girlie, Boyie or GN. OR you can say things like "I hate green."

First come, first wooled.
Sunday, November 25th, 2007
4:14 pm
x-posted to cloth_diapering
Ooo! Mama needs to pay some rent!

I have two SOS:
One has a stain on the inside and they are both a bit worn, but still very nice with no holes or anything like that.
Outside Patterns: http://www.brightgirl.net/babyclothes/sosoutside.jpg
Inside & Liners: http://www.brightgirl.net/babyclothes/sosinside.jpg

And two Mutts:
Near perfect condition!
Outside Patterns: http://www.brightgirl.net/babyclothes/muttsoutside.jpg
Inside & Liners: http://www.brightgirl.net/babyclothes/muttsinside.jpg

$8 each or $25 for all four.
pp to maialaia @ yahoo .com

Tuesday, October 9th, 2007
7:57 am
back in business!
I'm back in business, for the most part.

I'll be officially having my grand re-opening once I have a home in Idaho to live in, so I won't be stocking my hyenacart much. I've got loads to work on aynway. :)
Monday, October 8th, 2007
1:30 am
Buy Any 4, Get 5th Free!
It's finally looking like fall around here, so I'm celebrating by having a Buy Any 4, Get 5th Free sale! Help me move this old stock out of my store to make way for all the yummy new items I have waiting!

Thursday, September 6th, 2007
5:29 pm
Pads, pads, pads galore!

Been waiting for a chance to try cloth pads without breaking the bank? Wait no longer! I just stocked a TON of pads in all sizes and absorbancies at my Etsy store! Only $4 each, and seconds for only $3.50!

This will be the last time I will stock pads for a while, and the last two stockings sold out in no time flat, so be sure to get 'em while they're hot off the machine!

I also have available a totally new Mushroom Tree item: pouch slings! I have one available each in M, L, and XL. Only $15!

12:04 pm
x-posted to deliciouspear
Hey fabric painters and/or crafty folk!

I have a bunch of Versatex Inks for sale.

I got them back when I was dying baby clothes and thought I'd try stamping/stenciling. I never did and someone should use these inks!

I bought them from Dharma Trading - they said they were the best they had for stamping clothes, but they are also made for screenprinting if anyone does that. They are easy to use - just paint, stamp or screen on, let dry and then either iron or toss in the dryer to set.

Here's the Dharma blurb & page about them:
Versatex Screen Printing Inks are specifically designed for silk screening, stenciling, and block printing. The colors are intermixable and can be thinned with water. Though heavily pigmented, Versatex will not change the texture or softness of your fabric and it will not wrinkle or bleed on paper. Versatex has a thick and creamy consistency and is ready to use. It is used by professional printers because of its strength of color and its permanency.

These are 4oz. pots, never used at all. I paid the $4.39 plus shipping price for them, but you can have them CHEAP! $3.50/jar or $24 for all 7 jars.

I have

2 - 328 BLACK
1 - 316 GREEN
1 - 305 RED

pp to yarn @ hawthorne home .net
Friday, August 24th, 2007
9:08 am

I've got a couple more items in my hyena cart ladies. Please take a second to check it out.

Monday, August 13th, 2007
12:42 pm

Check out what's new at The Mushroom Tree!  Diaper doublers in BKT, terry, and velour, new wipe sets, aaannnddd....mama pads in all sizes and absorbancies! :)

Monday, August 6th, 2007
3:39 pm
The Mushroom Tree is NOW OPEN!!!

The Mushroom Tree is celebrating its SEMI-GRAND OPENING all this week! Stop by for a visit and look at my affordable cloth  diapers, mama pads, and more!

Check out some of these cute items I have listed:

Thursday, August 2nd, 2007
1:52 pm
Holy High Wool prices!
Wool prices have gone up! Holy crap.  The pocketbook is sobbing very very hard.

I just got a flood of orders (for some of you, it may not be a flood, but for me it is!) in off of Diaperswappers for knitted items and the yarn for just one of the orders is costing me $50.00 retail locally.

Time to raise my prices, right?

but by how much? I charge $35 not including shipping for a pair of longies (barebones, not Toddler sized ones) right now.

I've been knitting for 6 years, my short rows are ehhhh (could be better) and I work fairly quickly. It took me 4 days to knit up a pair of shorties that will be part of a collective collaboration on Hyenacart.

Current Mood: shocked
Sunday, July 29th, 2007
11:21 am
x-posted to yarny_bits and deliciouspear
TUESDAY (the 31st) I will be dying purewool - aka "the single ply baby yarn."

100% Merino Single-ply
One Skein = 100grams/3.85 ounces, 215-220 yards
Gauge: Worsted - 18 stitches & 25 rows per 4 inches on size 8 needles.

One skein = $12
Two to Ten skeins = $10 each
Ten to Thirty skeins = $9 each
Over Thirty Skeins = $8 each

You may place orders in this post for any of my colourways.

PLEASE NOTE: I've been having issues with my purple dye and am waiting for more to arrive. The purple I currently have comes out paler on some things pictured so the following will be more lavender than purple if you order them: Avery, Maus, Nikki, Royalty & Team Spirit.

If you want a colourway that is not mine matched, please add a $10 dying fee to somewhat cover the cost of yarn and dyes used to experiment.

You can also order a colourway and then have me knit it up for you!
See knitting slot details here:

This post is ONLY for purewool. If you want Peace Fleece please order HERE.
Wednesday, July 18th, 2007
11:17 am
Going out of business Sale!
6 months after the Diaper Drama disaster, I'm closing up shop permanently. This means that I have the following items for sale:

assorted fabric yardage and scraps (grab bag anyone?) ideal for cloth pads of all kinds

snap pliers ideal for metal snaps on cloth pads

My Hyena Cart. (this was the biggest waste of money ever. My family and I didn't eat for two weeks because of the webdesigner's bill)

Please give me your zipcode or international whereabouts for shipping on items.

Interested? please comment or e-mail me at: stilettobetty86 at yahoo dot com

I accept funded and CC paypal (please include fees if you can) or M.Os only. Items that need shipping will be shipped upon receipt  (instantaneous or mailed) of monies within 24-72 hours using the shipping method of your choice.
1:47 am
x-posted to clothdiapering
I have a bunch of NEW soakers, shorties and longies for sale here (CHEAP!) These are all done in purewool single-ply merino in yarny_bits colours. Sizes are on the images - click for a bigger version. All prices INCLUDE shipping to the USA or Canada - anywhere else please ask! Please add appropriate paypal fees to your total.

Read more...Collapse )

I can also knit for you! The wait is not very long currently!

Sure, you might think that spring & summer are just shorts weather, and it's true that it's always good to have shorts on hand, but kiddles need longies during summer nights as well! Furthermore I can knit in COTTON as well! Cotton doesn't absorb liquid (aka PEE) the way wool does but it is light and airy for summer!

Plus, I REALLY need the knitting work! Mama gots to fix her dead car!!

Details & Prices behind the cut.

Read more...Collapse )

And lastly I tried my hand at AIOs and while I made some, knitting is more my thing. I have a BUTTLOAD of AIOs "fixin's" - Beautiful flannels & cottons for the outside and lots of microfleece in assorted colours. If you're interested, drop me a line and I'll take a bunch of pictures.

THANK YOU from yarny_bits!!!!!!!
Saturday, March 24th, 2007
7:09 pm
First, the finished stuff I have for sale:
All prices are OBO and include USA/CANADA postage. Other countries might be more.
All of these are NEW and NEVER WORN.
Some of the pictures might be a bit woggly - I just got a new digicam and I'm just getting used to it. Anything that looks wonky is the camera, not the clothing - I count my rows & stitches very anally so everything matches.

Irish Sky Longies!
Read more...Collapse )

Moon & Stars Capris!
Read more...Collapse )

Earth Shorties!
Read more...Collapse )

Taffy-Pull Longies!
Read more...Collapse )

Rainbow Soaker!
Read more...Collapse )

Secondly, you might think that spring & summer are just shorts weather, and it's true that it's always good to have shorts on hand, but kiddles need longies during summer nights as well!

Plus, I need the knitting work! Mama gots to pay rent!

You can see the progression of knitting slots here:
I remove people once the knitting has been recieved.

My Current Prices:
(Yes, I'm keeping my 2006 prices! They are pretty low in the grand scheme of baby knits.)

Longies $45
Shorts $35
Soakers $30
Baby Legs $45
Baby Hats $10-15
Sleep Sacks $60-70 depending on size of child

Newborn clothes are $5 LESS because they are itsy and wee. BIG kids (ie: larger toddlers) may cost more if I have to use a 3rd skein of yarn. Most kids take two or less.

ADULT Hats, assorted styles: $18-25.
Earflaps - $2 extra

Embroidery $2 and up (Tell me what you want and I will tell you *IF* I can do it and how much.)

You can choose any of my colourways. (Or send your own yarn)

Also, let me know:
1. The measurements needed
2. If you would like your item lanolized or if you prefer to do that yourself.
3. On longies/shorts: if you would like purly (seed stitch) cuffs or ribby cuffs AND whether you want a drawstring waist or a longer ribbed waist.


$5 OFF if *I* get to pick the yarn and surprize you! (You still get to say things like "No Purple" or "I already have an outfit in "whitecaps" or "I really love earthtones.")

Let me know if you would like a slot!

If you'd like to see some of my work click on the "show off" tag.

I prefer paypal to yarn @ hawthorne home .net but will also take Money Orders in US dollars.
Wednesday, February 28th, 2007
8:21 am
When do I draw the line?
I'm having a bit of difficulty figuring out where to draw the line on something... maybe y'all can help.

My boyfriend's family is very involved in our local Public Access TV channel. So much so to the point where there's letters to the editor in the newspaper asking for their removal, threats of legal action and new statutes put into place stating that a family can have no more than a certain amount of shows or involvement thereof, etc.

Maybe my niceness has gotten me into a world of trouble again, or someone lied and said I wouldn't be involved and yet I find myself hosting and producing a show, finding topics and fighting deadlines while working to make unraveling ends meet.  I don't know if I should resign and risk my relationship with my boyfriend ending, or suck it up and keep getting migraines that go from my chin all the way down my spine.  I can't stand being submerged in a near-constant chatter about Public Access whenever I go out anywhere with my boyfriend with his parents and sister in tow. I've been barred from discussing other matters anywhere I go with him, since Public Access takes precedence. I can't discuss business issues, pediatrician appointments, Kaylee's adventures in Cat Hunting. Nothing.

Kaylee's been sick. She has two medication allergies, one more severe than the other and she's already got Hay Fever, Eczema and two ear infections and she isn't a year old yet.  I can't depend on my mom to babysit so I can do a show taping, scout out topics or go to a Scheduling Committee meeting and not know when I'll be coming home.  Plus with her newfound mobility and ever-present oral fixation, I don't exactly have much time to spare when I'm not cleaning my house or chasing after her while she's on a Cat Hunt.

I've got a business to restart and run. That post in Diaper_Drama's probably ruined (or at the very least tarnished it quite well) my reputation as a WAHM and I barely even started creating and selling.  I've been back at the drawing baord, figuring and refiguring measurement averages and drafting diaper designs and patterns while Kaylee picks up the paper I'm working on and rips it apart.  I take fleeting inventories to see what I'm out of or what I'd like to add and there's no financial wiggle room for either, since Kaylee needs new diapers for night-time and outings, since every last one of those got eaten by the detergent I wash them in. 

I have to spend more time getting things set to rights and restarted, since this is how I try to support myself and Kaylee since my mom's job doesn't pay her on a regular basis and money's always as tight as a choke collar on an attack trained junk-yard dog.

Where do I draw the line? Do I talk to my boyfriend and tell him I can't save his dad's pet project and I'm spreading myself way too thin and submit my letter of resignation in triplicate or what do I do?

Current Mood: drained
Friday, February 16th, 2007
11:20 am
Anyone interested in doing a Peace Fleece co-op with me on Worsted Weight?
Instead of $7.50/skein plus shipping it becomes $4.50/skein plus shipping.

(The worsted is Russian American (30% Mohair/70% wool), 2-ply. Approx. 200 yds/4oz skein.
On #8 needles, 4 sts.= 1")

If you're new to Peace Fleece, here's their story: http://www.peacefleece.com/thestory.htm and
here's a little blurb about everything they support: http://www.peacefleece.com/social-change.htm

Peace Fleece is yummy and soft and good on both babies' and adults' skin!

Here are all the colours to choose from:

So now I hear you asking "What the heck do you mean by co-op?!?"
Well, to get the lower price, y'all send ME your money, I pay in one lot, it comes to me and then I send it out to you. (OR if you wanted something knitted - I can do that too - with whatever yarn you picked out!)

Let me know by next friday (the 23rd) if you're interested!
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